Information For Grant Seekers

Because our grant making process is focused, we encourage applicants to read the information below before contacting us.

Funding Principles

The Foundation’s mission supports the breadth and depth of Jungian psychology by helping to fund the international education and training of Jungian Analysts. Under this umbrella, Foundation gifts support specific Jungian projects for scholarships, research, libraries and archives, publications, and clinics, and the highest standards in training programs, faculty, and community development. With a goal of improving impact, our support may be combined with support from other foundations, trusts, individuals, businesses, or funding sources. We look for programs and projects which will have impact far beyond the funding period of our grants.

What Do We Support?

The Foundation focuses on Jungian psychology projects typically associated with classically focused Jungian institutes, their alumni, or closely related programs.  It does not accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry from organizations looking for funding in broad or non-Jungian areas. In addition, the Foundation’s funds can be used only for purposes that are consistent with its status as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

What Don’t We Fund?

The Foundation generally does not fund:

  • Endowments
  • Capital campaigns
  • Building construction
  • For-profit organizations
  • Residential training programs
  • Operating budgets

How Do We Evaluate Your Application?

After reviewing the information above, if you feel that your project and organization are a close match with the Foundation’s funding priorities, you may apply for a grant by completing the Letter of Inquiry Application, the first step in requesting funding from the Foundation. You do not need to talk with a Foundation member before requesting this application. If you have already spoken to Foundation member about your request, please advise us in your application.

We will typically reply to your submission within 90 days. Due to the volume of submissions and the volunteer nature of our Board, we cannot respond to phone calls or emails requesting the status of a submitted Letter of Inquiry.

Please do not submit a full proposal until invited to do so. Unsolicited proposals will not be reviewed or considered.

We do not have the capacity or intent to accept proposals unrelated to our purpose or funding principles as stated in our mission statement. We only make grants to organizations who have projects within the Jungian related fields described on our website. We also rely on our advisor network to describe and recommend projects.

Please be aware that we receive more applications than we can fund, and that the standard for applicants is very high. Before you submit an application it is very important that you read the information on this page.

If your application is declined, you cannot re-apply for the same project or opportunity.

We encourage our applicants to

  • Identify specific a project opportunity and its goals
  • Set out clear objectives for the project, explain why this project will be of most benefit at this stage in history, and how its impact will continue into the future
  • Provide an informed and detailed project schedule with examples including quantitative and qualitative information
  • Provide a tight, detailed, and well-researched budget for the project
  • Seek funding from other sources. These might include other trusts and foundations, scholarships and awards, service clubs, or business
  • Make a financial contribution to the project themselves
  • Read the information on this website thoroughly.

We apologize for inconvenience caused by this policy, but we believe that the limitations of our grant making model also are its greatest strength. Our reliance on our advisor network allows us to fill a unique and important niche and support great projects around the world.

We wish you well in your efforts to secure funding for your own project.

[PDF download of Grant Application]


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