Programs Overview


As one of our major programs, scholarships invite a wider range of candidates from economic backgrounds and countries for whom training is too expensive or not available either in their home city or country. An international program provides training to many who would not otherwise be able to become analysts. Read more

Kimberley D. Ritter Arndt Award

This annual award is given to the training candidate at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich for the best unpublished scholarly paper on symbolism. Read more  

Eminent Scholars & Authors Series

This series focuses on the development and publication of the works of important Jungian authors not previously published in English. Publications will also later include outstanding symbolic work and theses by Diploma candidates. Read more

Library & Archive Conservation

Jungian libraries and archives house world-renown texts, collections, and historic images—many connected to Jung himself. This project focuses on the various aspects of work related to the preservation, cataloguing and digitization needed to make such materials more widely available to students, scholars, and the public. Read more

C.G. Jung’s Collected Works

This five-semester lecture series by John Haule, Ph.D. provides students of Analytical Psychology and the general public around the world with the only coordinated and comprehensive discussion of the Collected Works to date. Read more

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