Kimberley D. Ritter Arndt Award

This award was begun in 2017 in honor of Jungian analyst Kimberly D. Ritter Arndt who died at 55 in May2016. Kim was one of the first graduates of the International block program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich. Following her graduation, she began the CG Jung Institute Zürich Alumni Association. She had a deep love for Jungian psychology—the link between the outer and inner reality of the psyche manifest in the symbol.

 The Kimberly D. Ritter Arndt Award recognizes the best candidate symbol paper through a blind juried process conducted by a panel of internationally published Jungian analysts, lecturers,and publishers. Annual award recipients receive a certificate and monetary award. Their work is published on the Foundation website.

 2017 “Wunggud’s Thread: One Ngarinyin story of individuation”

 The Foundation awarded the first Kimberly D. Ritter Arndt Award to Juliana Kaya Prpic for her paper “Wunggud’s Thread: One Ngarinyin Story of Individuation” which examines an Australian Aboriginal myth through the symbolic lens of Jungian psychology. 

 2018 “Motherless Child—Childless Mother”

The Foundation awarded the second Kimberly D. Ritter Arndt Award to Maude Davis for her paper “Motherless Child—Childless Mother.” As noted by one of our recognized jurors, this paper“seems most important and creative at the present time because its theme—the close connection of life and death in the symbol of the mother—has been generally forgotten in the Jungian world and in the world in general.”

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