What Do You Read?

If you are a person anywhere in the world interested in Jungian readings or an analyst always looking to study your field or look into a subject area in depth, being a donor to the first endeavor of this program may interest you.  It may also be compelling if you are not yet a reader of the German language.

Several contemporary Jungian scholars from this century and last published works in German, their mother tongue.  These works are not yet available to those who read in English or Spanish.  Your important donation will help bring vibrant books intended for every person and for Jungian analysts into English and Spanish languages.  Why donate to this?  Donating ensures that unavailable Jungian interpretations of subjects (to name a few) in fairy tale interpretation, purpose and meaning in the third part of life, symbol interpretation of colors, what are nightmares and how to learn from them become available for all.  As you may have experienced yourself, looking inside of our hearts with the help of Jungian works which touch our souls and spirits and expand archetypal meaning  help us live better lives.  Your strong donations to publishing German works in English can help.  Your donations help this field to endure.

Publishing in the modern age now encompasses two possibilities.

Traditional publication of manuscripts is especially valued in texts with rich imagery.  Examples are CG Jung’s Red Book, edited by Sonu Shamdasani and translated by Sonu Shamdasani, Mark Kyburz, and John Peck (Philemon) or the Book of Symbols, authored by ARAS and its contributors. For such Jungian texts, while a digital format is possible, print is the decidedly preferable medium.  Proposed publishing projects include translation and publication of books by eminent Jungian authors.

Alternatively, digital publishing offers larger audiences personal and local libraries access to a wide range of material at a relatively low cost. In this context, special publications of both past and recent theses and symbol papers completed during analytic training can be made available to the larger analytic community. This program, however cost effective, requires often lengthy copyediting and administrative tasks associated with the digital publishing process.

Your valued contribution carries on publication tradition of articles, books, and now online publication of Jungian subjects and research in the world.

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