Research in the Jungian community has expanded in the 21st century into a wide array of qualitative and quantitative investigations. To mention a few examples:

Research symposiums, such as that at CG Jung Institute, Zürich in February 2016 bring together diverse perspectives and fields (archeology, psychoanalysis, ecology, and physics) in considering the impact of the principles of analytic psychology in the world today.

New research on the clinical impact of the internet on society as well as the therapeutic use of confidential interactive platforms like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) are currently being conducted.

Conferences and symposiums on the cross-disciplinary interplay between various artistic venues and analytical psychology explore the symbolic function and meaning of art in society.

Evidence of the effectiveness of Jungian psychotherapy and analysis and their symptom improvement through empirical studies (Roesler, 2013).

Each research project we fund is carefully examined for its plan and scope, its fit with the foundation’s mission, and its cultural and societal impact in the world.

Your contribution carries on a tradition of research that Jung himself encouraged in his initial support in the founding of the first Jung Institute in Zürich.

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